UFS Explorer Pro Recovery Reviews: Must Read Before You Buy

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What is UFS Explorer Professional Recovery?

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is a high-quality software tool designed for data recovery experts. The software successfully combines the most advanced data recovery algorithms with a variety of instruments for comprehensive raw data analysis and editing.

It is a data recovery application designed to handle complex data loss situations. The program supports multiple storage systems, integrated decryption algorithms, a customizable RAID builder, and tools for working with raw data. Storages with hardware flaws may also be handled by the application, which employs sophisticated reading and imaging processes, bad block emulation, and other features.

Let’s know more about UFS Explorer professional recovery’s features, prices, pros, and cons.


UFS Explorer Professional Recovery for Mac aids in data recovery, and this choice should be considered more for commercial and corporate users since the price reflects this. It is not the most visually appealing Mac data recovery software choice available, but it does the job and supports an infinite number of users.

You can recover disc images and virtual machines, including VMware VMDK, Hyper-V VHD/VHDX, QEMU/XEN QCOW/QCOW2, VirtualBox VDI, Apple DMG, Parallels, EnCase E01, and Ex01 non-encrypted files, as well as traditional macOS, Windows, and Linux file systems using UFS Explorer Professional Recovery for Mac

Here are its features:

  • Improvements to the storage reading mechanism
  • Advanced options for making disc images
  • Support for a variety of storage technologies
  • Disk decryption methods built-in
  • Automatic RAID rebuilding of several RAID types
  • RAID builder with adjustable parameters and an inbuilt script handler
  • A comprehensive toolset for working with faulty storage.
  • Various tools for successful binary data analysis and editing


The software, like all UFS Explorer products, is released as shareware and includes a free trial version. This means you may test the product before buying it.

SysDev Laboratories, the makers of UFS Explorer Professional Recovery for Mac, strongly advised all customers to test the trial version before acquiring a software license to ensure that it meets their needs and has all the necessary functionality.

Users who wish to buy the complete edition of UFS Explorer Professional Recovery for Mac have two options: the commercial license, which costs $699.95, or the corporate license, which costs $1199.95. The primary distinction between the two license types is that a business license allows you to install the program on up to ten pcs.

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  • Storage reading capabilities have been enhanced.
  • All common file systems are supported.
  • RAID recovery is supported.
  • Built-in disc decryption methods


  • Ineffective user interface
  • Expensive for personal use, but ideal for bigger businesses


Overall, UFS Explorer Professional Recovery offers many outstanding capabilities, but because the free trial edition can only restore files with a maximum size of 768 KB, it is impossible to fully appreciate them all. The complete version does not have this restriction, but due to its high cost, most home users cannot afford this data recovery program. For everyone else outside commercial clients, the less priced (and less feature-rich) editions of UFS Explorer remain the best option. Unfortunately, because they all employ the same antiquated user interface, all versions have the same usability problems.

You can operate UFS Explorer Professional Recovery’s software easily and effectively, and UFS Explorer Professional Recovery lets you focus on the things that matter most. You could appreciate it since it’s simple to use.

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